Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Okay, its Tuesday and you all know what that means.... I have the day off and the house TO MYSELF!  I already took a long, uninterrupted shower, I had a whole pot of coffee, didn't have to share that either... I wrote a serious entry on my journal without anyone harrassing me for food, I took a drive that didn't involve a lot of stops costing me half the week's grocery budget, and now I'm back home again, and its still quiet!

The mailman was being nice today, no bills!  Just as well because my checking account balance is just about to turn back to two digits.  I do have a meeting today, at 2 o'clock, but I still have time to jump into the hot tub first.

We have a flock of pelicans that vacation during the summer in the pond down the way from the house.  They first started showing up about 5 years ago, and missed only one summer.... last year.  I was afraid they had found a new nesting area due to the drought, but this year brought lots of rain and they came back.  Did you know that pelicans fly in a V formation like geese?  I found that out one summer when they were flying in to the pond.  I thought they were deformed geese at first, but as they got closer I realized that they were in fact pelicans.  They are so awesome and graceful in the air and on the water, but to watch them do that 'waddle walk' on land is just halarious.  Today was the first time I've ever been able to get close enough to get a decent photograph.  This little guy (he's one of the smallest and is probably only a year or so old) was the only one awake enough to venture out onto the pond.  The others were all stretching and sunning on the mudbank.

Okay, enough with the red to's.  What can I say, I've got a lot of spare time on my hands today and I don't know how to act!  Hehehehehe!


wumzels2 said...

love the picture of the baby pelican...........and the area surrounding where you live is beautiful.  i am glad you had a day of quietude........oh, by the way, did you get the dishes washed in all the silence???? ok ok, i am sorry, lol.  enjoy these days, they are few and far between.........blessings, regina

angieabk said...

I love pelicans!!  We use to see one quite often at the park we go to regularly, but alas no so recently... I wonder if pelicans take vacations from their regular spots or something?  Something to think about.


ladydriversammie said...

LOL...for some reason I remember this fact every Tuesday now.  At some point I always think "Today is tuesday, that means Dorn is off work and having a day to herself."

Have no idea why that stuck in my head...maybe jealous of the day off?  LOL...not jealous today.  Have ran out all of my available hours for the week and they can't send me anywhere before tomorrow night...woot!

(Oh, btw, I wasn't here...I'm grounded from the computer...)

Sammie  :)

mzgoochi said...

That's a very nice pic dorn. Glad you had a peaceful day, alone. :o)

cneinhorn said...

sometimes we need to have to much time on our hands.....sounds like you had a nice relaxing day!  Good for you!  YOu deserve it....... beautiful photo too......so peaceful......just like your day!

sprite1229 said...

thats a really pretty picture...looks like a beautiful day