Friday, August 13, 2004


Yesterday a concerned co-worker came up to me and made an observation.  "Did you know you have white hair?"  Well, no, I didn't, but thanks for telling me!  I'm 43, going on 44, I have 5 kids, 3 are teenagers, 2 are daughters, 1 is getting ready to join the military, and I'm married to a dickidoo... I'm SUPPOSED to have white hair!  And then she reached over to the side of my neck and YANKED a piece of white hair out!

"What are you doing!"  I yelled, rubbing my head because she had pulled more than just the one white hair.  "You got some good hairs in there too!  Put them back!"  She proudly held out the long white hair, shaking the dark strands loose.  "Its good luck" she said and tucked it in her pocket.   I've got a head full of white hair and if that were true I should be one of the luckiest ladies alive, so I guess I just shot that old wives' tale to the ground!

I do believe in some of those old wives' tales and superstitions.  All those years of stepping on cracks finally caught up with me a few years back when my mother fell off of a freezer chest (don't ask, just suffice to know that she is my mother... ) and suffered from 2 compressed fractures on her back.  I was consumed with guilt for a while and now I avoid stepping on cracks when ever possible.  It looks kind of funny to see me walking down the sidewalk, but hey, it made a believer out of me!

Hey, this just in.... its Friday the 13th!  I love Friday the 13th's, they are lucky days for me.  I was born on the 13th, but it was a Wednesday I believe.  People who know me say that Wednesday the 13th is more unlucky than the Fridays... now why would they say that?


purplectigger said...

White hair comes with age, I know I have plenty. I had never heard that one. I always heard if you pull out grey hair three grows back.
Tell the co-worker to leave your hair alone. lol
Have a great day.

vwkwan said...

Oh there is a lady going around pulling white hairs and putting it in her pocket..interesting..I better be careful then. : )


cnabarry04 said...

    I found some silver in my hair the other day and I'm only 30.  <whine>

angieabk said...

I had all these wonderful comments forming in my brain while I was reading this entry about punching co-workers in the mouth... Which is what I would have done mind you, had some co-worker of mine come up and yanked out half my hair.... ASSUMING that is I worked at walmart... I didn't though... when I worked, I worked at the US post office... when any co-workers there did something crazy like that the safest and most prudent thing to do was hide under a desk with your bullet proof vest on......
I got so off track just now...
What I was saying was this... I had all these wonderful comments forming in my brain while I was reading this entry about punching co-workers in the mouth when I got to the part about it being Friday the 13th!
Do you realize that I've been driving all over town... I've been to the movies, and the store and THE POST OFFICE!  I could have been killed!  I never would have left the house had I known!
Good grief.  What kind of friend are you?!

Supersistion.... a throw back to growing up with MY mother.

Have a good day!

ihavetea said...


i'm wondering if there's an antidote for the old wives tales.  much enjoyed this -- your blog is great!

mzgoochi said...


sunshine38585 said...

I didnt even realize that yesterday was Friday the 13th they are usually pretty bad days for me but yesterday was a really good thing. Now I believe in mind over matter. If I don't realize it is the 13th then I have a good day but if I wake up thinking it is going to be bad then it will be bad. Glad yours was good as well.