Tuesday, August 24, 2004


This is a copy of a painting by Edvard Munch entitled "The Scream".  It is one of the most famous paintings in the world and is worth millions of dollars.  It was recently stolen from a museum in Oslo by 2 or 3 armed robbers.  Security guards aren't quite sure how many robbers there actually were and therefore they were too busy trying to determine the exact number  and were unable to make any attempt to stop the 2 or 3 robbers. 

This is the second time in 10 years that 'The Scream' has been stolen.  In 1994  the 2 or 3 different robbers demanded 1 million dollars ransom.  They did not receive the money because while the painting was famous, it wasn't good, let alone worth 1 million dollars!  After 3 months the robbers got sick of looking at the goofy painting and it was recovered in a hotel room undamaged.

When I look at paintings like 'The Scream', and any one of Picasso's paintings, I wonder what exactly people were on back in those days to paint like that.  Maybe the fumes from their paint thinner was really potent or something.   Then, for decades after people are still ooooooooohhing and aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhing over them.  Why?  Fumes maybe, even after all these years?  Well, if you ask me.... they suck!  I would have gotten an F for turning in a painting like that in art class!  'The Scream' was probably a follow-up painting that Munch did after the model saw the first painting... and started screaming!  Munch probably told the model... 'wait, hold that scream, people will pay millions of dollars for this painting long after we are dead!"  I've got more talent hanging off of my refrigerator door, watercolors and pencil drawings signed by my 5 children.  Stick those in a gallery and sell them for a million dollars, cos they are REAL art!



cneinhorn said...

I'm not real hip on that painting either......now look
at some Rembrandt or Vermeer.......that's talent!

beckieramos said...

Amen! I agree! Our kids do much better! God bless, beckie

ryanagi said...

So I take it that you dig realism over the abstract? LOL That's ok. We like what we like. ;-) -B

angieabk said...

I'm not an artist and never have been, but after seeing this painting for the first time when I was 13 or so, I tried to draw something similarly weird.  I figured if this Munch guy could get so famous for puking on canvas and then smearing it around to make a picture,... hey I could too.

No one wanted my painting either.  I can't imagine why not.  You'd be surprised by the great images you can get with mustard ketchup and french fries after they've been mixed with stomach acid.  Pschodelic man!


emfeasel said...

ROFL girl.....it's so true!



wumzels2 said...

back when younger i was heavy into the "odd" art, gothic looking stuff.  i liked this painting back then, but now, i like a little more realism.  and i agree, it appears munch munched too much, and regurgitated.............on canvas.  one of my college courses required me to pick four paintings, diverse in nature, and critique them.  i almost chose this one.  blessings, regina

kimbellina1957 said...


sprite1229 said...

wow..scream will probably give me nightmares..