Tuesday, August 10, 2004


This is my dickidoo looking all cute with his little boxers and his Coca Cola lunch pail.  I'm just killing time right now.  I need to go to the store and buy something for dinner, but I figure if I stall, my money will last a little longer.  Thats about as close to a savings plan as I get.  Actually I did transfer some money into my savings account, on the advice of some of you good folks who are looking out for me but I won't disclose the amount.  I will tell you that the tellers at my bank think I'm real funny.  They kept looking at me with tears in their eyes saying 'is she SERIOUS?' from the other side of their safety glass.  They were still laughing when I drove away.  I like making people laugh, it makes me feel good.  By the way, the ATM at my drive thru teller has braille on the keypad... on the drivers side... makes me wonder how many blind people actually drive to the ATM.


cneinhorn said...

Sometimes, as I spit out my coffee or at this time of the evening, my wine,   I wonder if you are exaggerating.......it just can't be true......but I KNOW the drive throughs have BRAILLE..I've seen them, they do!!!!! So I know it's true.....I can't stop laughing.....but I dont' care how much those tellers laugh, even if you just deposited your 7-11 coffee money in your account (I believe it's called the "latte factor")......you're still saving.......and it WILL add up!  I saved ALL my go-go crumpled dollars.........tell your son to have a talk with the girls at the club, LOL!!!  This is why I have time to type on the computer, LOL ;-)

gatorspictures said...

you know, i never thought about it...
my ATM is the same way.
ROFLMFAO. you are toooooo toooooo much. c

cathy0o0 said...

I often wondered about the brail myself..lol My brother is staying with me at the moment his eyes are so bad that he has a cane for the blind attached to the bumper of his van to find his way around...lol

mzgoochi said...

Dorn you are contagious! Look at those funny comments. LOL
Love the little dickidoo bear, he's so cute.


angieabk said...

NOW I know why my money doesn't last... I'm always in a HURRY to get to Walmart.

Lester and I have noticed the Braille thingee too on the ATM... that's why we stopped using them... I'm afraid some blind person will plow into the back of my car while I'm sitting there.

Thinking of you

derasta said...

You are so funny Dorn, I can just imagine how "big" of a deposit you made!!!

ebonygrl3 said...

Cute bear, I noticed the braille at my bank also, thats one of those things that make you go hhhhmmm?????

ann7inflorida said...

The brail comment is scary...lol ~Ann : )