Saturday, August 28, 2004


I found the cutest hand written sign on the bar this morning.  It was written in pen and yellow crayon, advertising Tree Climbing lessons.... (snack included)  All day sessions were marked down from 25¢ to 10¢.  Well, that explains all the kids in the tree.  I just hope Rocky returned all their lesson fees after I chased them all out.  (That tree is at least 25 feet tall, I don't need someone falling out of it!)

I was watching the Olympics last night.  I came in during the womens relay.  I couldn't believe what they were wearing... or more specifically what they WERE NOT wearing!  It looked to me like they were running in just their underwear!  Sports bras and panties, nothing else.  In fact, I doubt there was anything else under them!  At this rate they'll be showing up at the next Olympics in just pasties and thongs!  But oh my goodness, those ladies could run!  I couldn't believe how fast they were running!

I tried running at work yesterday.  It was funny.  Things started flying out of my pockets, and then I had to cross my arms over my chest so I wouldn't knock myself out with my flopping boobs.  I was glad I had that pad on cos my bladder wasn't liking the high impact workout at all!  Note to self:  NOTHING at work is worth running to!


spurgins311 said...

LOL...I can't run either, boobs flop up and down like bouncing super balls! I almost knock my self in the chin. NO - NOTHING at work is worth running unless it's life threating. You are a riot. Love reading your entries-I get a good laugh everytime.

Do you have trouble with flab under your arms flOpping back and forth?   hahhaha  I do? Just wondering....
I can't wave "hi or goodbye" at anyone, cause I make to much of a breeze.


mzgoochi said...

LMAO at your entry and sharons comment!!


cneinhorn said...

pasties and thongs, lol!  And what about the beach volleyball Husband was loving that.....butts hanging out.....teeny tiny sports bras....girls slapping eachother on the butts everytime they scored a point.....boys fantasy going on over there.....~jerseygirl