Sunday, September 12, 2004


I stink!  I smell like lobster.  My husband bought me lobster for dinner.  And lobster cakes, and crab cakes, and scallop cakes.  And WINE!  The kids had lobster too... and lobster cakes, and crab cakes and scallop cakes... but I didn't share my wine.  This was my family birthday dinner.  Steve is taking me out to dinner tomorrow for my birthday, but with it being a school night the kids won't be able to go, so we celebrated tonight.  It was nice, and smelly.  It helps that the Broncos are winning as well!

Gabe is in Denver.  Tomorrow he goes through the Army physical.  He's not the fastest kid, nor the strongest, but he's charming and he's got street smarts.  I hope thats good enough because he really wants this to happen.  He's such a good kid, and he just wants to be able to provide for his unborn child, and secure a future... I pray he can get through this because he has never wanted anything more in his life. 

Rocky has decided that she doesn't want to go to school any more.  I won't let her drop out though, 5th grade is kind of early for that.  Besides, she wants to win the school talent show and she has to be enrolled in school to do that.  She wants to dance... funk!  Some how I never thought of dancing 'funk' as being a talent.

Art is still trying to recover from his biking accident.  I got a call on Friday from the high school saying that he had been in a biking accident on the way to school and could I bring him some asprin to help with the pain.  I showed up and he was covered with bandages.  Two days later I've instructed him to keep the bandages off in favor of fresh air, but he is covered with scabs and bruises.  I hurt just looking at him.  But he's a tough little guy.  I've offered to buy him training wheels for his bike.  He may take me up on the offer if he has another bad wreck like this.  Art is such a cool kid, I've not yet met a kid with a sence of humor like his.  I refer to Rocky as Mini Me because she is my daughter and so much like me... but Art (named after King Arthur... my childhood hero) is so much more like me than anyone else I know.  How scary is that?  (check it out JerseyGirl, no mention of pee/ poop/ farts/ or burps!)


ihavetea said...

Happy birthday, tomorrow, Dorn!  Sounds like your celebration was great :-)

aiibrat said...

mmmmm....lobster....seafood...i'm hungry!!!

Happy Day Before Birthday!!! Lots of hugs & laughter & light on your birthday tomorrow!!!

viviansullinwank said...

Hey {{{{{Dorn}}}}}  I hope you're not doing any dusting today....after all it IS a special day....please go to the link below to find out why...