Thursday, September 30, 2004


I watched the debate with Rocky.  If you want to get a fresh new perspective on the presidential campaign, watch a debate with a 10 year old.

Key points (according to Rocky)

*Kerry is a big fat liar, with a skin and bone face.

*Bush kept repeating stuff.

*Kerry is scary looking.

*Bush has a sence of humor.

Key points  (according to Dorn)

*Is Kerry running for President or Preacher?  I felt like I was listening to a sermon.

*Bush kept repeating himself.

*Kerry made me dizzy with his hand signals, but being hypnotized by his hands was better than having to stare at his scary face.

*Bush kept repeating himself.

My final take on the debate:  Kerry is by far the better speaker (if he would only keep his dang hands still!)  He was quick to take advantage of the President's blunders.  Bush was like the simple country cousin trying to outsmart the city cousin.  He's out of his league in terms of intellect, but he has the heart and the desire.  I think this will be a close race, right to the end.  What I wish is that there was a candidate that had Kerry's ambition with Bush's dedication, Kerry's pizazze and Bush's charm, Kerry's sophistication with Bush's humor, Kerry's confidence and Bush's candor... then I think we'd have a pretty darn good president.  (Of course it wouldn't hurt if he looked like Tom Selleck and sounded like Sam Sheppard...)


st0rmwhispers said...

Great combo candidate..LOL...I would only add one more character trait...Kerry's intelligence and Bush's connections....Those two things never go to waste.

xxlilfweak1231xx said...

I also have put some comments in my journal directed to both parties..... but your comments I echo entirley.....  too bad that we couldnt just run this country by people that are REAL people. Not the ones that have TONS of money and seem a lil "out of touch" with reality. I mean, Kerry has like 12 houses or something.... NUTS! Bush has a few vacation homes himself. I think that Kerry's wife should spend some of that catsup money she is getting and invest in a better mummification process for her hubby!!!  What do you think?? Of course Kerry wants everyone to have healthcare.....  but when is his AIDS going to be diagnosed?? Bush isn't soooooo good looking or anything....  but I don't cringe when I look at him....  I crunge when I have to hear him repeat things a thousand times.....  oh well. love the journal.....   rachel

brandilynneliz said...

Hahahahahaha.... you are right that would be a perfect candidate. I know I am voteing and you are also right deffinately another close one. :)

csandhollow said...

i would vote for that one in a heartbeat. but somone like that would never lower himself to politics

cneinhorn said...

Excellent ideal candidate observation, now that would be perfect.  Hubby and I keep saying "but Kerry just doesn't "look" like a President"....Kerry is scary and so is the Mrs!


sdoscher458 said...

Dorn -you go girl...those two would be my choice in a heartbeat...I keep thinking "Quigley Down Under" that's a take charge kinda guy!.........Sandi