Tuesday, September 28, 2004

AN EDITORIAL... of sorts.

Martha Stewart was assigned her inmate number: 55170-054.  She is to serve 5 months for lying about her sale of stock.  5 months for lying.  Its funny, I deal with people who lie ALL the time, and even when they get caught, they just shrug it off like its no big deal.  I say LOCK THEM ALL UP!  It bugs me though that she should get 5 months, and yet drug dealers are released all the time, along with child/spouse abusers, drunk drivers.  And here's a thought... if someone called you and told you that some stock that you owned was about to take a dip, what would you do?  I have stock... I would sell!  No, I wouldn't lie about it if I got caught, but I would definitely sell.

Of course I'd never have enough stock to warrant an investigation even if it did happen.  And I don't think the financial demise of the Anti-Domestic Diva would be worthy of the Headline News or Front Page Headlines.  I do wonder though if perhaps there was a little over-reaction to this case.  No, maybe not.   Perjury is illegal, period.  Perhaps the justice system is guilty of under-reaction to other less noteworthy crimes that happen in our neighborhoods every day and yet go unpenalized.  With all the crime, and not enough resources to handle it, many crimes go unsolved and unpunished.  And that is a real crime in itself.


mzgoochi said...

I don't care what anyone thinks about Martha, I like her, her show, and her magazine. I've learned a lot of "good things" from Martha, and if I had been in her shoes, I would have sold to.
Poor thing, she looks awful doesn't she? Don't you think she looks like she has aged ten years since the beginning of all this? Not a good thing.

maxina3777 said...

I have to agree. i don't even live in a babd neighborhood, and yet have seen police ail me on more then one occasion. A month ago we got into a bad car crash, we waited for the cops at 3 different locations, 1st a safe place close to the car wreck, then the hospital, then we finnaly decided we better go to the precint*. We had to give our statements. We were invovlved in road rage, some girls/guys knew a girl in the car we had been in, and they started argueing, long story short, we all were okay, but learned some valuable lessons. Another time my cousins had a fight with this guy, and when I tried to help her get away his brothers tried to beat me up, embarrassing because I'm not the type of girl to get into trouble like that. Well the next day we went to press charges, the cops told us that we had to go back to those guys house, get their address and basiciallydo our own investigation.We gave up because we didn't want to take any chances of those guys being there. The cops didn't do anything to help, yet my cousins had shoe prints bruises on her face. Then cops wonder why people like them. Heck both of those times the cops were rude to us, like we were making their day harder because we were making them do the job their paid for. I think I am going to write to whomever I have to just to get things changed. I'm sorry i vented here so much, it's just that for someone like me who doesn't usually get into situations like that, it's pretty frightening that i couldn't even rely on the cops, theone last resort, the people who are suposed to protect us. I know they have a tuff job, and they get tired of it, but I think if it comes to that point that they can't do their job, and everyones a criminal to them, they should find another proffesion. thats muy very strong opinion. I need to start a journal.

wumzels2 said...

i agree with you dorn about the punishment of crime in the united states.  all seems out of perspective, doesn't it?  as to martha stewart, well, sorry lahoma, but i never really liked her.........she always had this "mightier than thou" b*tch attitude, but she did teach people around the world some great ideas.  i believe if she did a crime, she does the time, but then so should the "REAL" criminals too.  
blessings, regina

st0rmwhispers said...

I hate to admit it...being I work for a defense lawyer...but offices like mine are the problem too.  The best lawyers tend to go private practice over public service...Why...the pay is much much better.  We will never have a fair justice system unless there are caps on private attorney fees and civil judgments and equal pay for prosecutors and judges..........Brains follow money everywhere but in the dictionary.

If I had known 10 years ago what I would see in this office...I would not be working here now.  Not because my boss is a jerk, even though he can be...but because the things I am part of make me sick to my stomach and give me nightmares...vivid bloody nightmares that I wake up crying from.  

I often wonder how much of it I will personally have to atone for on judgment day....wonder if "I was only doing my job" is gonna cut it.

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purplectigger said...

I agree with you the justice system is not worth much. Real criminals are turned loose every day. I just hope I never get in trouble, that would be the day they decided to set an example. lol

ihavetea said...

agreed.  i work in the prison system (state, not federal), and I've wondered if the overcrowding has anything to do with what goes unpunished, or underpunished.  every year, there is a mass early release for certain inmate, certain crimes.  and i wonder, too, if Martha hadn't been Martha, would she have gotten any time at all. just a rambling thought or two.