Sunday, September 12, 2004


We started the day out watching TV, and the memorial coverage for the September 11th attacks.  We might have been in Church, the kids were so quiet and attentive.  Until the moment of silence.  As the bell tolled for those missing, there was a differnt toll in my house.  My daughter apologized for the taquitos.  I was glad we weren't in church because it was bad!

Next on the agenda... taking a peek under the hoods of the two trucks.  After staring at the jigsaw puzzle that is technically called the engine I came to terms with reality.  We need a new truck.  I grudgingly accompanied my husband to the bank to apply for a loan.  This time around he wants a vehicle with a warranty so if it breaks we can drive it to the shop and say 'fix it'.  I guess we'll find out on Monday if we qualify or not.

Gabe picked up his bus tickets to go to Denver for his initial physical.  The Army will wine and dine him tonight, and if all goes well he will be sworn in tomorrow.  He's getting so excited.  For the first time in his life he has a plan that is falling into place and he's liking the feeling.  I'm still very nervous, but I'm excited for him.  I don't think he'll have problems dealing with the drill sgts. so much as I think he'll have issues with keeping his room in order.  I predict BIG issues there.

The 3 middle children accompanied my husband and I to the Fallen Firefighters Memorial.  I couldn't believe the length of the list of those killed on September 11th, it literally moved me to tears and I stood there infront of that wall crying for strangers I did not know except in my heart.  Do they know I wondered how much they are loved and missed, not just by their own families but by the nation as a whole?  And not just them, but all who gave their lives on that day.

Rocky was with a friend so she didn't go with us.  She called me when we were in Sams, asking if I would bring some of her toys over because they were getting bored.  I offered to bring her home early if that was the case and she agreed to be ready.  By the time I got to the house to drop off the groceries she had called back and left a message.  She had 'reconsidered' her decision to come home early and in fact wanted to stay later!  Not a problem!

We finished the day with a steak and potato dinner.  My brother called and I had an awesome time talking with him.  We traded hunting stories and recipes.  He's a wonderful cook!  And he hasn't lost his sence of humor, he was tossing me one liners throughout the conversation.  I had to move up stairs because I was laughing so loud and the family was trying to watch tv.  I didn't get to spend enough time with him during the family reunion.  I think I need to go back to Hawaii... this time for an extended stay!  I'm so glad my family is still close after all these years.


demandnlilchit said...

I will keep Gabe in my prayers. It is an honorable thing he is doing and I know fearful for you.
God Bless you and yours.

wumzels2 said...

um, can i go with you to hawaii when you go??  jk, lol.  prayers for gabe as he meets this head on.....especially the clean room issue.  my dad always made sure my bed was made so that a quarter would bounce off it......learned that in the army he said.  i didn't watch any 9/11 tributes on tv.  i was too much in tears as it was, from reading the few i did online.  i still find it hard to comprehend what happened that day.  sorry to hear about the truck, but think about it....a new truck, woo hoo.  steak and that sounds good........ok, so another trip to the store.......thanks dorn, geeesh.  have a blessed day.  regina

cneinhorn said...

I detected it Dorn......a hidden fart entry.....nothing slips by me..... ;-)
Good luck with the loan.....what kind of truck do you want to get?  
Good luck to your does sound like he is excited......although
as a mom......I'd be nervous too......
take care Dorn......

purplectigger said...

Great entry. I will keep your family in my prayers.
Yes , it good to be close with your family, my brother will be here in two weeks, I haven't seen him in five years, I am so looking forward to his visit.
Have a great night.

sparkleheart747 said...

i   hope your gabe stays safe , what a very nice family you have  

bmonniegirl said...

Hi, why would your husband blow a gasket? Nothing bad about it as far as I can tell. Just all about your life and whats going on..........