Monday, September 20, 2004

SOOOO, HOW ABOUT THEM BRONCOS? or Whassa matta you?

This is what the Bronco's looked like yesterday on the field... 'Where'd the ball go?'  Whhhhaaaaaaaaaa!  What happened?  I told Shannahan to kick.... I yelled, I SCREAMED!  But no, they had to run one last time!  Agh!  Next time guys, listen to me! 


csandhollow said...

The Broncos have not done good since Elway left. Too bad I like them!

cneinhorn said...

go to my blog and looky at "the shrine" husband swears by it.....(although  it didn't help the first night, it did the next....)  you'll see  ;-)


sharkie412 said...

Ahhh well. I think all the decent teams fell unto hard times. My Packers can beat the Panthers, but can't beat the Bears. Hopefully next week they will learn that the Red Zone is thier friend and not to fear it. They'll need the points.