Saturday, September 18, 2004


It has come to my attention that my dear sweet husband is under the impression that the new truck will be his and I will inherit his busted up Pontiac.  Whoa.... I think I missed that memo because that is not what I agreed upon!  When Big Red went into a coma he suggested that he replace the pick-up with a new one because he didn't have the time or desire to fix it.

I suppose I should have seen this coming.  Everytime we get a new vehicle he gets it and I get the hand-me-down.  We started out with a Cherokee, which we shared.  Then he bought a Datsun p/u and I became the main driver of the Jeep because I chauferred the kids to and from school.  While he was in Korea the Jeep broke down and my then 16 year old son taught me to drive a standard so I could drive the Datsun.  Upon his return home from Korea my husband bought the Toyota.  I thought I was going to get the newer truck since the Jeep was down.  No, I got to drive the Datsun and keep the Jeep when it was fixed (just the steering... no big deal).

But then, a week after we sold the Datsun Steve was hit head on down the street by a neighbor and the insurance totalled my Jeep.  We went looking for a new vehicle but nothing with our requirements (NO mini-van!) was within our pricerange... until we saw Big Red!  Even then Steve was already trying to convince me that it was too much truck for me but I needed the space to drive the kids to school and the Toyota is just a 2 passenger truck.  I retained control over Big Red.

However Steve remained convinced that I needed something smaller to drive to and from work and the kids school, so we went to an auction where I saw a gorgeouse little Pontiac Grand Am.  We put in a bid and got it for $1300.  Even before they gave us the keys Steve had decided that I would keep Big Red and HE would get the little car (because of his bad back and knees).  Okay, that was the first of many missed memos.  I thought we were shopping around for a car for ME.

Well, I fussed, so Steve decided to go back to the auction to get another car.  He put a bid on a Sebringand won.  We brought it home, cleaned it up, and it was his car, and the Grand Am was mine.  We now have 4 vehicles on our insurance and only 2 licensed drivers.  But Steve has the sickness, he goes to the auction to help Gabe find a car, and he ends up buying ANOTHER car for himself!  The Bonneville.  So I'm thinking, okay, I get the Sebring, right?  Wrong!  He sells that at work, and then sells the Pontiac to Gabe as an inspiration to get his drivers license.  In a nut shell, we go looking for a small gas efficient car for me to use for work and school... we buy 3, Steve gets one, Gabe gets one, the gal at work gets one... and I still have Big Red.  Lots of lost memos there.  I never saw that coming!

Big Red consoled me during those times and I realized how much I loved her.  When her transmission went bad I waited impatiently for her recovery, driving the Auto-de-jour until she was back home again.  Kids in the neighborhood all wave when Big Red roars down the road, most have them have ridden in her  dozens of times, especially in the winter time.  At work everyone wants to borrow her, but decline when I give them the condition... they fill her up (she has 2 tanks).

So, imagine how hard it is to give her up.  Steve wants to take her to the auction.  I won't go when that happens, which is just as well because Steve is afraid I might get mad if the bids are too low (anything under 20gran would be too low... she's priceless!), and worse still, he's afraid I might attempt to bid on her myself! 

Well, I was shocked to say the least when she mentioned that I would be driving the Bonneville and he would get the new truck.  When did that happen?  Needless to say I was steaming!  And when we got home I told him... I don't need a new truck.  Fix Big Red and I'll drive her.  I don't want the Bonneville.  I want a truck.  Not the Toyota, which I need a cushion behind me so I can reach the clutch... not the Bonneville that has a broken latch on the trunk and flaps up and down every time I hit a speed bump or rock or dip, or twig or roadkill.... and has the 'service engine soon' light that never shuts off.... I want Big Red... or that really cool Ram with a Hemi... or the white Ford 250 with PowerStroke... or a Humvee.  (nope, not a Hummer, not an H2... a Humvee... the military issue ones... they are soooo cool! oh the places you could go in one of them!).

It will be interesting to see who comes out the winner here.  There can be two winners, Steve can have someone fix Big Red for me, and he can get himself a truck... or maybe one of them Magnums... with a Hemi!  Hehehehehe!  No, I'm not mad, just disappointed.  We found out we got approved for the loan on my birthday, so I was telling everyone I was getting a truck for my birthday.  It made me feel better about losing Big Red.  I feel like a kid who's been given an expensive gift only to have the parents take it away for themselves and given a broken toy instead.

Oh well, I better go get ready for the auction.  No, we're not selling Big Red today.  I've got 2 weeks to convince Steve to get her repaired.  (wish me luck).  Steve says there are a couple trucks there that might be worth bidding on.  Or maybe he can find a nice little car for himself, and he'll get me that Dodge!  (it really is gorgeouse!... midnight blue and chrome!)


sprite1229 said...

Hope u get what u want!

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Hi, just stumbled across your journal very interesting..check out mine some time! --
Take care- Meg from Friendship Loyalty and Love

csandhollow said...

I wish the Blue Goose was repaired I loved driving her. She is 1970 Ford Pickup, no A/C. Maybe someday........