Saturday, September 25, 2004

CARPETTING and shampoo labels.

Well, I started pulling back the carpet on the stairs only to discover that the stairs had not been finished, they were just bare, untreated planks of wood.  No matter, I can do the top of the stairs then.... but its covered with boards with upsidedown tacks... the padding is stapled down, and glued on the edges.  This is going to be a bigger project than I thought.  Maybe Tuesday, when there are fewer distractions.... hehehehehe!

So I jump into the shower to get ready for this birthday party we're going to this evening, and I'm standing there waiting for the conditioner to condition and I decide to read the shampoo bottle.  I've never read the shampoo bottle in the shower before, but those shampoo people are smart, they're thinking someone is going to be standing there neked in their shower looking for reading material, so why not put some stuff on the back of the shampoo bottle.  Tresseme includes 'salon tips', to massage gently into hair, rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed.  They also point out that the product was not tested on animals.  Feeling socially at ease with that knowledge I pick up a bottle of Head & Shoulders.  It makes no such claim regarding testing on animals.  Does that mean that they DID test it on animals?  It also states in bold letters FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!  If swallowed, contact physician immediately.  Now why would they put that on the bottle?  Did someone actually think that swallowing a teaspoon of Head & Shoulders would cure their dandruff problem? 

The hunter's shampoo had no such warning, just promises of eliminating human scent.  Have you ever smelled those hunters soaps?  They smell like dirt.  Hunters shower with this soap so they can smell like dirt.  Why bother to shower at all?  Just go outside and roll around in the garden!  The soap claims to be biodegradable and environmentally safe, it also kills bacteria and inhibits future growth.  Inhibits future growth... growth of what, the bacteria or the hunter?  How environmentally safe can it be if it kills bacteria?  What else can it kill?  I think I've done enough reading for one day.  Maybe those shampoo people should start putting cartoons or something else less depressing on their labels instead of  instructions and warnings.


cneinhorn said...

take a bath and bring a magazine with ya next time if  you have the urge to read and bathe at the same time, LOL

when I started to pull the carpet off my stairs, I discovered the same thing....will be a very big project indeed.  


wumzels2 said...

dorn, you keep me in stitches.  you take an everyday occurance and turn it into a wonderfully funny event.  of course, in this case, i have to admit, the visuals i was getting were making me i stopped thinking lol.  thanks for the laughs my friend..........and oh, might want to have some help with those floors, it ain't easy...........blessings, regina

mzgoochi said...

see you put your mascot up Dorn, but I miss your pic too.

sprite1229 said...

Thats exactly what i do while waiting for my hair to condition :)