Friday, September 24, 2004


I'm writing this down in the hopes that I will feel obligated to complete it once it has been broadcasted on the Web:

This weekend I plan to - (drum roll please.... not your drum roll Rocky, a real drum roll please).... rat tat tat tada tat tat tat!

I plan to pull up the carpeting from the upstairs!

We have such a beautiful hardwood floor below and since I hate pulling out the vacuum, which is a high maintenance applicance with so many of us in the house with long hair, I hope to eliminate the need to vacuum altogether.  Besides, the carpet is probably as old as I am and not near as perky.  I can't identify most of the stains but they won't come out.  The Rug Doctor gave his recommendation.... euthenize it, put it down!  Burn it, get rid of it!  Get it out of the house while you still can! 

We have a store here called the Carpet Exchange.  I wonder what kind of deal they'll give me for this old carpet.  I just want some area rugs.  My husband says thats just a name, they don't really exchange carpets there.  Well, I wonder what they would do if I did show up there with this nasty thing and drop it on their showroom floor.  "I'd like to exchange this for a new carpet".  Maybe they should reconsider their name.

I have such fond childhood memories of sliding around the house in stockingfeet on the hardwood floors, with my brother and sisters in persuit.  Mama was meticulous with her floors and they were always slippery and shiney.  I think she actually allowed us to run and slide only so we would buff the floors.  With a carpeted house my kids slide around in socks and zap each other (and me, the little turds!) with the static electricity.  Even the ferret is fair game and she will jump straight up in the air if you get her just right.  Well, there will be none of that this winter!  Of course that just means the kids will just have to find some other way to agrivate each other, which with their imaginations shouldn't take long.


wumzels2 said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the memories of hardwood floors...........we had them in most of the houses i lived in.  after we sold our last house, i returned to a yard sale there 10 years later, and told them my family had built their house and they invited me in and the whole house was carpeted with this really thick stuff.  sigh.  sadness set in.  but it wasn't my house anymore.  thanks dorn.  blessings, regina

lights4me40 said...

wooohooo..I think I'm the 10000 there a prize?
Gosh, I remember doing the same thing with my brothers..going around rubbing our socks on the carpet and zapping eachother..gosh sometimes you could really Zap..thank you for reminding me about that..wonder why my girls never did that? hmm...I just love hardwood floors! your comments on the message always make me laugh!!! oh..and your journal isn't to bad either..hehe..just your journal!

hestiahomeschool said...

All of our floors except for the attic are hard wood. hard wood also has the advantage of not staining if someone pukes, pees or poops on it.

cneinhorn said...

most of my house is now hardwood floors, only 3 of the 4 bedrooms are still carpeted, but every other room in the house has shows the dustbunnies more........but easier to clean!  I love my swiffer!  I still run the vacuum (on floor setting) over the floors though.........gets the dustbunnies up!


camaroisle050856 said...

         If you aren't making your living as a comedian, you should be!  You are so funny!  

Best wishes,