Monday, September 27, 2004


I have a headache.  Its probably from not using my glasses regularily.  So I took some asprin.  Actually I took some acetaminephin (does that look right... I'm guessing on the spelling).  My question... how does the medicine know that its my head that hurts this time?  The last time I took it I had a sore knee and it went straight to the problem.  What if the medicine goes to work on my knee instead of my head?  My knee doesn't hurt now... my head does.

Drugs scare me. I listen to the ads on t.v. sometimes.  There's something out there for sleep enhancement... a sleeping pill... and this is what they say during the speedreading disclaimer part... 'serious side effects include drowziness'.  Drowziness is a serious side effect?  I thought that was the whole purpose of a sleeping pill!  And a laxative lists 'diarrhea' (their word, not mine!) as a side effect.  Huh?

There's a sexual enhancement aide (pill form) for guys.  One of their warnings is 'if stimulation does not subside within a couple of hours consult your physician immediately!'  Help doctor, I've risen and I can't get down! Now why would that product be approved for public use if it still had glitches... unless some people don't really consider that to be a glitch... hmmmmm.... Okay, never mind.

Allergy medicines are the worst.  By the time you eliminate all the 'don't use if you.. this and that', you'll probably find that you can't take the medicine because you are allergic to it or one of its many side effects. Asprin is good for your heart but bad for your stomach. So why do we take it?  Can't they fix it so it isn't bad for you?

What really scares me though is the number of OTC medicines that include 'death' as a serious side effect.  And people wonder why I don't like to go to the doctor everytime I get sick.  I'm not afraid of the doctors, I'm afraid of their cures.  Bring back the garlic and the leeches.  Okay, maybe not the leeches, but garlic I can handle!


donah42 said...

Re: Scary drug side effects....yeah, death is bad, but I think oily anal discharge might be worse... I think the possible side effects are worse than the original complaint! And half the time, I'm not even sure what the advertised drug is even meant to cure!

glopsblink said...

Maybe they went to your head this time cause last time the meds were in your system they realized just how bad it is up in that nogen of yours!!! LoL!!! Sorry dorn, the joke was dying to break free!!!

As for the others, your so right!!! Have you ever read the side effects for the birth control pill (no, I don't use them, someone in my family is having problems with menapause and this is the last result other than surgery)!!! Yesh, are you so darned, um..., well I guess there's not a good word for it so.........horny that you must take that deadly thing!!! Can't they keep the hatches closed until the ship is ready and the men are truely ready for the voyage!!! I don't get it............

By the way, do they make garlic in a smokable form? Yeah, man, .::deep, satisfying inhale::. this stuff is so .::cough, cough::. great. Get me another garlic blunt!!!

LoL!!! Blessings. :D

purplectigger said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes the side effects sound worst than the problem you had to begin with.
Have a geat day.

lrttklly said...

Great Entry Dorn!
Here's a thought...what would happen to the drug companies if the products they produced actually healed all of us?

sprite1229 said...

Hey, i think the same thing! How does the medicine just KNOW where to go??

st0rmwhispers said...

Don't take ANYTHING!!!!!!!!  I have arthritis and went to the doctor for some relief....3 years later I had a bad thyroid, had gained over 130 lbs, acute asthma, possible fibromyalgia, bursitis and I was in constant pain.  After having to start using a cane a year ago, I said {Insert FAV cuss word here} That!  I quit taking all medicine...but kept the inhaler just in case (haven't used it yet) I've lost 90 of those pounds and feel healthier than I have in ....oh lets see.....4 years......duh.  Yeah the arthritis still pains me...but I can walk on my own 2 feet now....Funny how I wasn't sick until I got really good insurance............Doctors will kill ya!

wumzels2 said...

that has been one of my questions over the does medicine know where to go to fight the ailment or pain?  i am a pill popper, for sure, since i have a no tolerance rule for pain.  yes, i am a wimp, and proud of it.  sigh......ok, my secret is out.  i don't take any prescription meds anymore due to not having any insurance, but reading the pamphlet inclosed in the 6 meds i was taking, really unnerves me.  about the only thing i take on a regular basis now is ibuprofen and otc sinus meds.  and i put garlic on most everything i cook.........could that be why i am not being kissed these days???  mmmmmmmmmmm
blessings, regina

hestiahomeschool said...

My dh the pharmacist won't take anything.  really.