Thursday, September 9, 2004


The clutch went out on the little pick-up so we're back down to 1 vehicle again.  My husband had to drive in reverse back home this morning and woke me up to take him in to work.  Didn't even have time to brush my teeth.  I probably woke that poor gate guard up at the post gate when he inspected our ID cards and I wished him a 'good morning'.  It was funny how quickly he stepped back.

Its all Steve's fault, he started talking about selling all the cars and trucks and getting new ones.  I'll bet they heard and now they're just acting up to spite him.  I guess he'll be talking to the bank now about a loan.  Just no mini-van, thats all I have to say.... NO MINI-VAN!  I still say Big Red is revivable, she just needs a little TLC.  Unfortunately with work and school Steve no longer has the time to work on repairs the way he used to.  Plus we're already into the 2nd week of his hunting season and he hasn't been able to go out yet.  This is not a typical year at all.

Rocky has taught me this yoga exercise that helps to bring both sides of the brain together to work as one, making you smarter.  Here's how it goes.  Cross your hands and clasp, thumbs down.  (Do what?) Twist them around and up to your chin. (easier said than done, especially if you have extra padding on the undersides of your arms) Touch your tongue to the top of your mouth, pushing against the back of your teeth. (If you wear dentures make sure you have glued them securely into place before attempting this part) Breath only through your nose. (okay, now its getting complicated!) Release.  (Phew!  Okay, that release part was easy, I can do releases) Bring one leg up behind you and grasp with hand.  (I don't like where this is going)  Stretch other arm out to the side and balance on one foot for ten seconds. (If I let go of the chair I'm going to fall!) Repeat on other side.  (I'm actually right handed, which makes it near impossible for me to balance on my right foot) This strengthens your brain and allows you touse a larger portion of both sides thus making you smarter.  (You know what, I think a more clearer exercise to show how smart I am would be to just skip this exercise.... I hear a glass of red wine makes your brain sharper not to mention being good for the heart... sounds good to me!)

My big sister has asked for the link to my journal so I have to be good incase she comes and checks it out.  She is the opposite of me.  She doesn't collect dust bunnies, she irradicates them.  And she is prissy.  Now I don't mean that in a bad way, she's just all fancy and foofy, and all organized.  Organization confuses me.  I know I frustrated her when she and her kids stayed with us in between moves.  We're so different, but I'd like to think we're close.  I'm peanut butter (the crunchy, nutty kind) to her jelly (all sweet and smooth).  I'm coffee, she's tea.  I'm beer, she's soda.  I'm jeans, she's dresses.  She goes to church regularily and prays... on many occasions for me!  Even on the computer we're different.  We both love photography, but she takes pictures of places and things.  I take pictures of people.  She has a photo website featuring some of her pictures (some are really truely awesome).  I have a journal that features daily bodily functions.  We're just a year apart, but so very different.  But she's the salt to my pepper!  I think thats why we get along so well. 

Hey Sis!  Love you!


cneinhorn said...

I like your Felix and Oscar take on you and your sister......  :-)

ann7inflorida said...

Some of those yoga moves are vans are scary too. LOL @ the description of you compared to your sister. : )

ryanagi said...

Must be nice to have a sister like that. Wish I did...I'd hire her to come organize my darn house! I'm the disorganized slob in THIS family. LOL -B

sdoscher458 said...

I have two sisters, I'm the oldest...but on occasion we've done the rendition of Sisters, Sisters, - it's funny..differences don't matter, it's in the genes. Sandi