Sunday, September 19, 2004


Oh, my gosh!  What can I say but.... Oh my gosh!  The last time I felt like that was when my crotch fell asleep while I was sitting on a rock, hunting for elk and had to walk with pins and needles... down there.... Yeow!  Mama!  Give me some more of that sugar!  I LOVE HEMIS!  Phew!  Okay, I've got that out of my system.  Ladies... who needs a husband when you have a Hemi.  Thats all I have to say!

We celebrated putting ourselves nose deep into debt by buying bottles of alcohol that almost equaled the first month's payment of the truck.  I celebrated even more by mistakenly mixing my rum with rum instead of coke.  I was totally confused as to why the coke I had poured was flat and not fizzing when I looked at the coke bottle and realized that I was still holding the rum bottle!  Man, that would have been one fine cocktail, but I have to work in the morning so I had to siphone 3/4ths of it back and fill the glass with coke instead.

Steve says 'No', I definitely cannot put a Hemi in my Ford F150.  That sucks.  Ladies, I can't begin to tell you what it feels like (well, the first paragraph of this entry is a good start actually) but there is nothing like the roar of a Hemi under your hood!  And driving down the road EVERYONE looks your way.  Not because you're driving the tradition soccer mom's mini van but because you're driving a machine that sounds like the Space Shuttle on 4 wheels!  If you can't have a Viper (really cool car, I can't qualify for a loan of that magnitude so I can't even take one for a test drive... that SUCKS!), get a Hemi.  Really, you'll never need a husband or BOB (battery operated boyfriend) again!  I get to drive Goldie to work again tomorrow.  Care to guess why I'm smiling?  Hehehehehe!



phantasiadream said...

LOL.. I love Hemi's !

Psssttt...guess what???.. if ya didnt know it already... Harleys do the same thing :)

A Harley can be a womans best friend :)

Did I say that out loud?

spurgins311 said...

LMAO....Harley's do the same thing (that is so right)!
Dorn you are so funny!

cneinhorn said...

me thinks I need to experience a hemi too!

purplectigger said...

Congrat's on the new Hemi. I know just how you feel. My new car is wonderful. I just know everyone is looking at me saying , Look at that car.
Have a great ride to work. I know I will.

mzgoochi said...

thats not fair...I WANT A HEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angieabk said...

You are one sick puppy.... I guess that's why we're buddies!


sharkie412 said... remind me of some insane people I know...LOL
some of those hemi engines and new trucks they got out there make me drool. i'm like you...i can't get the loan for the one i want. :P Gotta have the poor man's version of a sports car...