Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Sunday night's game against the Kansas City Chiefs was awesome!  (hmmmm, is that right?  the plural of Chief is Chiefs... or is it Chieves?  That doesn't look right... Chieves... looks like something that belongs on a baked potato with sour cream... oh well, what ever!)  34 to 24, not bad for their opening game.  The officials sucked though, with a capital S U C K E D !  Must be altitude sickness or maybe too much of that Colorado Rocky Mountain Spring Water.... its cold brewed you know... and comes in two proofs... 3.2 and 6.0!  So any how, there were a few bad calls, all against the Broncos of course.  But thats okay because they were in rare form.  Quentin Griffin was all over the field, looking like a little kid in his daddy's uniform.  Bet nobody calls him 'kid' to his face after Sunday's game.  There was a little incident that ended with a penalty against my beloved Broncos... a little thing they called 'group demonstration' after a touchdown.  Nuh uh!  They weren't demonstrating at all!  First of all, trust me... it wasn't dancing!  I've seen dancing before and that was NOWHERE near anything that might even remotely resemble dancing.  They were just... adjusting.  Yeah, thats the word... they were adjusting their cups!  They just all happened to do it at the same time, kind of a syncronized group cup adjusting.  Nothing wrong with that!  Pah!  Too-wie to the officials!  (chucking another beer bottle at the tv).

And speaking of cups, have you ever seen a modern lacrosse stick?  Have you ever noticed that they look like cups with a handle?  Really!  I was in Galyan's sports store last night after my fantastic sushi dinner... and saw one.  I wasn't sure what it was at first... I figured it was a cup on a handle... maybe some new fangled way for women to keep control of their men.  Hmmmmm, I just might have to get one!


purplectigger said...

Hubby still hasn't said anything about the game. He probably won't, since he's a chief's fan. His best friend is a Bronco's fan. That was probably a loud evening between those two. They are quite funny to watch when the two teams play each other.
Have a great day.

redhdka said...

omg adjusting their cups. You are hilliarious

wumzels2 said...

i am not a sports fan, and couldn't care less about scores, or even who is playing, but dangit woman, i still had to read this entry, and came away with a smile.....you are surely graced with wit..........chieves???  CUP-ON-A-STICK???  thanks for the smiles, and chuckles.............blessings, regina

re7kat said...

Dust Bunny, Hi!   I've seen you in some chatrooms..nice to see your pic.  Admire your good humor.  My son-in-law was from Denver area...now lives in PA where he married my daughter and they moved back home here.  Great journal and graphics, girl.   Keep up the pleasant work!

Kathy.    re7kat@aol.com

mosie1944 said...

Well, as a Kansas City Chiefs fan (I live 30 miles from the stadium) all I have to say is BAH!  Humbug!!!!  Actually, the way they play, I've been thinking of switching my loyalty to some team that actually tries.  Oh well.

cneinhorn said...

My husband wants my team to be the Redskins like his....but I'm a in the closet Bronco's fan!   ;-)