Wednesday, September 29, 2004

HOKEY POKEY and dormant domesticity.

What is this skeleton doing?  I think he's either doing the Hokey Pokey or trying to shake off a dingleberry.  (I hate running out of toilet paper!)

I did some dishes before I went to bed last night.  When I finished I took my temperature.  I NEVER do dishes before I go to bed.  The only way I knew I was me was because despite the fact that I washed dishes before retiring for the night... I didn't do them ALL!  If I went to bed with clear and clean counters I would suspect that I was not really who I thought I was.  This is getting scary.  I'm 44 and I'm showing signs of domesticity.  Could it have something to do with the Domestic Diva Martha Stewart being convicted that has released my long dormant domestic tendencies?

Nah!  I just spent all afternoon on the stincking computer and I wanted to be able to say I did SOMETHING constructive besides shopping, eatting, yelling at a cat and popping the lid on the soup can for the kids' supper!


wumzels2 said...

if i were voting here, i would say "shaking off a dingleberry".  only, do skeletons have those??  congrats on the partial kitchen cleaning........i am so proud of you.  but i was a little concerned that space aliens had taken my friend dorn and left behind an automotron.  good thing you explained yourself, or i was gonna call the alien investigative society.  hope you were able to sleep after "doing nighttime dishes".  i can only imagine how traumatizing that must have been.  hee hee
blessings, regina

cneinhorn said...

baby steps steps.....way to go on the almost clean kitchen.....and my guess is the skeleton is shaking something off his butt!


st0rmwhispers said... the movements of his right hand ya don't want to know what I think he doesn't know isn't there anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm thinking he doesn't realize there are some bones ya actually lose........LOL  Guess what I think he's doin? (yah I know y'all think I'm terrible....but wasn't anyone else thinking it was a rather er......energetic motion goin on?)

Congrats on havin an almost clean kitchen Dorn!!!!!!!!  If ya want more practice mine is not soooooooo clean LOL...actually it is not near clean.  hint hint

purplectigger said...

I don't know what the skeleton is doing, looks weird to me.
It's ok to be on the computer all day, at least I think so . lol
Have a great day.

ikoiko33 said...

You know, Martha is gonna be moving into my neighborhood ... seriously ... they have a room reserved for her at the FCI Danbury.


mzgoochi said...

(I think he's either doing the Hokey Pokey or trying to shake off a dingleberry.)

LMAO too funny Dorn!