Sunday, September 26, 2004

BRONCOS BACK IN THE GAME and the Hemi sidelined.

I didn't get to watch the game due to the fact that I had to earn back some of that paycheck I just recycled, so I missed all the excitement.  The Broncos bucked the Chargers 23 - 13.  Yehaw!  My buddy Plummer is back in control!  My customers were awesome about keeping me abreast of the score, but its just not the same as watching the game yourself.  Way to go Broncos!

My brother called to check up on Gabe.  He served a few years in the Army so he had pointers for me... no care packages while Gabe is in bootcamp, they will only set him up as a target for ridicule.  Save the goodies for AIT.  Letters... lots of letters because he will need all of the moral support he can get.  And spend lots of time letting him know now how much we care and love him because his memories will be all he has for a while.

I drove the family back from our friend's party last night and Steve was such a horrible back seat driver.  Most of the times I drive with him in the vehicle is because I am his designated driver, so he's even worse!  Sometimes it takes all I have not to pull over and shove him out!  Actually last night was one of his better nights, but that was probably only because the kids were in the truck.  Oh buddy, don't try to burst my bubble when I'm driving that truck!  I swear it could fly if it had wings!  I think I have a name for the truck.  I thought it would be Goldie, or something feminine like that, but Steve protested.  I don't know what he wanted, but I've got everyone calling it The Hemi now.  Its not a Dodge, its not a Ram, its not even The Truck... its The Hemi !  We need to get The Hemi out and get it dirty!  Poor Steve is so paranoid about messing it up.  Its a 4x4 ... we bought it to go out in the woods, to go up in the mountains, to haul stuff when we go there.... but nooooo, he's so afraid of scratching his baby that he doesn't want to take it ANYWHERE!  And thats just it... that truck could probably take us ANYWHERE!  So whats the hold-up!  Thats why we got it!  Hahahaha!  Silly man!

p.s.  my apologies to anyone who has me on alerts and has to put up with my excessive editing, my kids have been reading my journals and they are the worst grammar police I have ever known... I'm trying to appear educated to them.  Its all my kids fault... they made me do it!


sprite1229 said...

Haha..hi kids!

davobarbus said...

Just dropped in via the Head Noise. It was nice to share a bit of transatlantic life with you. Them kids - you've taught them too well.

purplectigger said...

Sounds like something a man would say. Just let the new wear off and maybe he will take it out four wheeling .
Have a great day.

cneinhorn said...

I was just behind a dodge Ram the other day.......and it had a vanity license plate......HEMI V8 (I think that's what it said) but it definatley had HEMI in there somewhere.......I had my camera and tried to take a photo for you (yes, I saw it and said "hey Dorn has one of them!!!").......Good God, that thing was loud too!  But anyway, I missed my photo op, because not only was it loud, it was fast!  

Oh well,  I tried.  Maybe they are local, and I"ll see it again!  


PS:  Go Broncos!  Yes!

hestiahomeschool said...

Would he want mail from someone he doesn't know who loves his mom?  We are regularly writing my friend who is Iraq. He is flying Black Hawks.It would be easy to add another card to the pile...I am against the war--I am Quaker, after all--but I love and support our kids over there. I feel like they are all my kids.